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Funball is a game about a fun-ball? What makes this fun ball so fun? Nothing really. It's the game that's more fun if anything. Bad hand-drawn graphics compliments this games' weird physics. It's recommended that you play with a friend because the AI is pretty bad. Player 1 controls are W,A,D to move and shift to kick the ball if in contact. Player 2 controls are the arrow keys and keypad 0/ins to kick if in contact. As for gameplay there are two modes so far. Tennis and football/soccer mode. Tennis is two-player only while football/soccer can also be single(the AI is bad though). In tennis you have to hit it over the net and if it hits the ground on the opponent's side you win. In football/soccer the rules are basically the same in real life. Just score in you opponent's goal. In the future I hope for a scoring system instead of an instant win, but it's not here yet plus I don't know how to do that. This file contains the Funball game for every big OS (windows, mac and linux) in the .zip folder there will be three files, one for each operating system. Play the game on the file that your computer can run.


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